Mittwoch, 30. Dezember 2009


Noggt supports all versions from 3.0 to 3.3. 3.3 not yet fully supported as of a change in map.dbc. There will be a new version for this soon. You won’t see all maps with the current version when using 3.3.

The current releases are no full packages but only the executable. For running Noggit you need to get some Files from some older pack and add the executable to there. You might run best by getting a package of old files from Beket's releases. Also, we will add a package of files soon.

If you have an old version and paste the application in the folder while there is a old bookmarks.txt, Noggit will not run until you delete the textfile.

There is a major problem with people using the enUS (and enGB?) version of the game. Noggit somehow deletes WoW/Data/enUS/locale-enUS.MPQ and therefore can’t find needed files and also corrupts WoW so far that it won’t run anymore. You need to back it up in order to still use WoW. Also, to use Noggit you should extract said MPQ to the WoW directory. Its needed that there is a folder WoW\DBFilesClient after extracting. If that’s the case, you did it right. We still have no idea, where this problem comes from.

Saving is on CTRL-S or in the menu. It outputs the ADT (terrain) files to your world of warcraft directory or if specified your project directory. You will find maps in the World/maps folder.

You need to save every ADT tile itself. As of now, Noggit does only save the ADT below the camera. We may implement some function to save all tiles that have been edited.

Yes, in the current version, saving is NOT completely working. Its missing water and does something wrong with doodads. In order to at least have the doodads, save the ADT in Taliis again after you saved it. This fixes the issue.

Yes, shadows seem to be ****ed up. If someone reports that into the bug tracker, I might have a look at it. If not: I don’t care.

You might not be able to run this application on every computer especially, if you have an older or bad graphics card like in a laptop. This results in poor OpenGL capabilities. Noggit needs hell a lot of OpenGL. Therefore updating your drivers may help.

Also, Noggit may have problems with Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Change the path where Noggit gets the data from by changing the WoW location in the registry or running WoW once. Also, you can set it manually by editing the "Noggit.conf" file. You will also be able to set a "project location" where your files get outputted in the future.

Copying and pasting models will work soon in the next version. You will have the possibility to let models be randomly tilt / rotated upon pasting so you can do forests easily.

You better do not have both, WoW and Noggit running at once. This may result in weird problems as both applications use the MPQ files. Also, you shouldn’t use tools on files you have opened in Noggit. It shouldn’t be a problem but you may lose some data.

In case you want to report a problem here or have something to tell us, always tell us at least which revision you used. Also, the logfiles (log.txt) help aswell as the ADT files on some problems. You may want to upload logfiles to rather than pasting them here. Also, images always help.

Hello there and welcome to the current Noggit development.

As you may know, Noggit is a WoW map editor written by Cryect, based on the original wowmapview by Darkj and others. Cryect quit WoW a long time ago around the release of 2.0. He wrote this application for 1.12 and as of some changes, Blizzard made to 2.0, it stopped working from then. People needed to use a second client patched to 1.12 to edit worlds. People then had the idea of updating it to be compatible with the new client. This happened .. at the last patch of Burning Crusade being 2.4.3. This version was a ugly hack to fix the problems and get it running again with 2.4 but it did not really improve Noggit itself but made it more unstable.

This version of Noggit was done by a Russian called Beket. He worked on it alone and did not want help but also did not want to share the source code until some day in mid 2009. This is where I received the latest source code and started fixing it for the 3.* client.

So far, it went pretty good, I think. Still, there is no final version as there are still so many bugs in Noggit, that a complete rewrite like Cromon does seems better to do. Still, we are lazy. We have been so lazy to wait some years for Beket to give us his bugged and ****ed up code so we won't start getting non-lazy now.

Currently we have about 100 revisions of Noggit of which we released about 20 for testing. We will continue to do so. We just think .. We could improve on this.

Therefore we need your help. To find all bugs and fix them, its needed that the users test and report things. To collect all these bugs and also feature requests, we have made a bug tracker. This is a list where you can just add whatever you just found with a description. As we also have the possibility of deleting entries or giving them priorities, its far better than reports in a forum or thread like it has been until now.

Also, we need some better way on how to distribute packages of Noggit. We chose a blog for this issue. In this blog we will post feature previews as well as releases.

Even with all these things, people will still have problems. These problems will most likely be helped with a list of frequently asked questions. You can find a list below and most likely on the blog.

So, you might want to have the URLs etc now, I guess? Right. Currently this project is hosted by Modcraft. You may want to use these forums too. Therefore, the bug tracker can be found there. There is also a change log at the bug tracker. The blog is can be found at

There will still be updates in this thread as well as people answering your questions.

I hope, Noggit might get a bit nicer in future.

Sonntag, 27. Dezember 2009

Copy functions ready.

Here you see the finished copy functions. You can copy m2s and wmos. It calculates a clean UID. Also you can activate some options in the edit menu that randomly changes rotation, tileing and size on m2 insert. In this way you can make fast many copys of an object without that you have to tweek them after creation.

Noggit Logo

Schlumpf and I created a logo for noggit and I animated it a little.
Here is the result.

Montag, 21. Dezember 2009

Noggit copy function

Starting to dev the new copy function. here you see where the work will lead to :)

Montag, 14. Dezember 2009

Revision 92

This version now features partly fucked up water. Still, saving is not complete as M2s and water are NOT saved.

Our SVN log:

Wellcome to the Nogg-it Blog

This is the official nogg-it dev blog for Noggit3 and all following versions.

We will show you here the new functions and document our progress with the developing of nogg-it. If you use this app and find a bug please use our bugtraker @

We are always happy to read your idea, see stuff you made with nogg-it and hear critic to make the app better.

If you have any idea or picture you will show here then send them to