Samstag, 16. Januar 2010

Noggit3 Rev. 104

We upload a new version of noggit3.

Rev.104 include copy functions. Select object, press CTRL C, place mouse on the ground and press CTRL V.

Works with m2s and wmos.

As we have a bug with the objectlists you have to open the adt in taliis and save it again to see m2s ingame.

In this version you can turn the auto selection mode off again with SHIFT F4 or over the edit menu. Also you can now turn the hole lines permanent on over the view menu.

If you hold down CTRL and open up a menu, it will not close if you click on a menu item. So you can toggle several items without closing the menu.

Also some bugs are fixed. Like the crahs if you change the tab in the texture window.

You can download it as usual over the link on the right side in the Noggit Links section: Latest Noggit3 DL Rev.104


  1. all ads crash to my wow and error

    i can not create new MPQ

    and noggit non stop crashet! this is not funy

  2. pls fix this

    i have windows 7 ultimate 64 Bit

    i start to program all windows version

    windows XP and win vista and and....

    all windows crash the noggit.

  3. For me, Azeroth doesn't work. I tried different versions of WoW, no difference.

    Interestingly, after crashing azeroth and kalimdor aren't availible anymore after restarting noggit.

    Besides that, nice work!

  4. Seems fine for me ... except instead of borders and nice pretty sliders it has hideous white. lol, makes it kinda hard to read the words! :D

  5. That mother fucking thing wont even load up

  6. Hey guys!!!! I turn Noggit, there is a window sdl app, but the window just disappears, nothing more. What i must to do??????????